Historical Seed Catalogs: 1916 seed catalog by Mills Seed Company (1916) – 45 in a series

Historical Seed Catalogs: Seeds bulbs plants (1920) by Emma V. White - 46 in a series

Historical Seed Catalogs: Seeds bulbs plants (1920) by Emma V. White - 46 in a series

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To Our Friends:

Spring time will soon be upon us; so this, our 24th Annual Catalog, comes as a greeting to. many old friends — and a word of friendly suggestion to new ones — lovers, all, of the beautiful diversion and practical pleasure — the Flower Garden and its more prosaic partner, the Home Vegetable plot.

As you will note, since our previous Catalog was issued, we have incorpor- ated our business, insuring a little more method and system, and giving oppor- tunity for younger hands and heads to help us serve our friends better than ever.

The spirit and plan remains the same — based as it is upon a love of flowers and the joy of working in the fresh, cool soil of the well kept garden.

Our old patrons will also note that in this issue we have specialized upon certain flower varieties, which we feel can be appreciated fully only in your own gardens the coming season.

But we feel that we should also do a little more to encourage the Kitchen Garden; fresh vegetables for your table mean practical economy and a double pleasure to the amateur gardener. As says the Garden Page of the New York Sun: “With the price of food constantly soaring, there never was a greater need of home gardens than now — higher rather than lower prices confront us.”

Plan to have a garden — vegetable as well as flowers — both will give you joy; and the work in the garden is better than medicine.

Yours truly,



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