A new concept and design for nesting boxes for your garden. They look rugged and easy to clean, 2 important factors with any birdhouse design. — Douglas
I inherited an interest in birds from my father, whose family grew up next door to a bird expert. Ruth Thomas studied and banded birds and wrote, “Crip, Come Home” as well as, “Brush Goat, Milk Goat” and a weekly column on birds in the 1940s in the Arkansas Democrat Newspaper. Many of my relatives have fed birds (including hummingbirds) and land-lorded Purple Martins and Bluebirds. I finally upgraded to property that lent itself to land-lording in 1998. My plastic Purple Martin gourds last forever, while my Bluebird houses have been replaced many times over the years. In researching PVC as an option, I ran into the Gilbertson design but thought it was overly complex and had some risk for dropping the nest-box onto the ground, so I designed my own nest-boxes and put them into use in 2016. With only 1.5 acres for 5 nest-boxes, 2017 saw 13 Bluebirds and 20 House Wrens fledged from the new boxes.

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