Obelisk before

Finally — I know I use that word a lot — I was finally able to locate and install a new, steel frame,  obelisk so the clytostoma vine wasn’t flopping over itself with nothing to climb on. It used to cover a trellis that ran along my office windows, but that came down in disrepair years ago. I left one post for it to scramble on, but even that eventually collapsed from rot. So it just stood there, self-supporting on its thick lower vines and flopping over more and more.


At the nursery yesterday, though, we happened upon an obelisk that met all our needs. It was tall, at least 7 feet to give the vine some space to sprawl. It also had to be cheaper than the typical $100-$200 dollars I was seeing online and locally. For whatever reason, this steel frame, simple but elegant was only $50. Sold!

Obelisk after

I trimmed out some of the more sprawling vines, removed the remains of a stake that had probably been with the plant since it was put in the ground, and then set the obelisk over. With a little judicious pushing and pulling my wife and I got the plant situated. That said, the trunk vines are old, thick and a bit forceful. I will probably have to stake at least one side into the ground to counteract that natural pull towards the sun.

After top

I think it looks quite nice and it also provides some space for hanging some other decorative items. Now that it has some support it should flower much more and it can be trimmed back to the frame each year to keep it neat.

After closeup

If you can’t find the obelisk you want locally, Amazon has quite a few. It might, at least, give you some ideas of what you are after for your garden.

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