A Gardener’s Notebook is happy to once again partner with Monrovia Plants as part of their “Embrace Your Space” program.

Bridal veil astilbe

Bridal Veil® Astilbe from Monrovia Plants

Our first choice for the Embrace Your Space program was this white astilbe, Bridal Veil® Astilbe. I have been looking for shade tolerant plants to go into our “woodland” corner which is heavily shade by surrounding trees and more bare than I would like it to be. I had seen astilbes mentioned in my reading for an area like this, so it was serendipitous that our local nursery happened to have two colors of this astilbe for sale.

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From Monrovia.com

Bridal Veil® Astilbe
Astilbe x arendsii ‘Bridal Veil’

Pure white blossoms held above vivid green foliage. Essential to partially shaded borders. Use in woodland gardens for contrast against darker foliaged plants and to accent other Astilbe colors. Perfect in masses for moonlight gardens. Herbaceous.

Here in Southern California, we don’t get the benefit of the full Monrovia Plants catalog, as many of the plants they sell are not designed for our hot and dry San Fernando Valley days.

I plan on taking some time to prep the area where these astilbe will be planted, digging fairly deep, removing as many tree roots as possible and then filing with new garden soil, compost and perhaps a little fertilizer to give them the best chance for survival possible. It is a tough area of the garden, so I know I am going to have to baby them for a bit.

Here is the Monrovia tag information that came with the plants, including a QR code you should be able to scan for further info.

I’ll share my thoughts on our other Embrace Your Space plant choices over the next several days.

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White astilbe 1

White astilbe 2

White astilbe 3

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