After a long pause, I have finally gotten re-started on the wine bottle edging of some of our garden beds — this time in the front garden. It is amazing how many bottles it takes to do a project like this, so friends have been kind enough to share their empties with us. The two sides of the bed pictured below took about 17  bottles per side.

You can do the math, by measuring the length of the bed edged (or the circumference, if you are doing a circular bed) and then dividing by the average diameter of a wine bottle (usually between 3”-3.5”).

Wine bottle 4

These bottles have proven very resilient and we have had no problems with breakage, chipping or any other damage. They are quite well seated in the ground, too, if you bury then at least partially above the shoulder of the bottle. I hit a few roots and such that made it a bit difficult to seat some of the bottles .This led to a bit of a “bump” in one of the bed edges, but using recycled materials always requires some adjustments and compromises, so it does’t bother me that much. 

See my original video on installing the first set of wine bottle edging

In this particular bed, the extra height of the bottles will finally allow us to raise the soil level a bit, as we had originally intended. With the addition of more mulch on the path side of these bottles there shouldn’t be any problem with them tipping over and or dislodging.

What recycled materials are you using in your garden? Share your thoughts and photos! I’d love to see them.

Wine bottle 1

Wine bottle 2

Wine bottle 3

See my original video on installing the first set of wine bottle edging