As the end of March approaches, so does our sponsorship by Monrovia Plants. Thanks to all who clicked through to check out the offerings on their web site and thanks for following me here on A Gardener’s Notebook.

Your opinion on sponsorships

I’m interested in hearing your opinions on sponsorship like this. I love getting to try out new plants while also providing you a bit of added value by checking out new plants, products and vendors. I have forwarded a couple of my own comments to the agency arranging the sponsorship to help fine tune programs like this and make them as useful as possible to everyone involved. What are your thoughts and advice?

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The end of March, but Summer is already arriving!

As for March here in the garden, everything is moving forward into Summer mode here. The bulbs have mostly finished flowering, the leaves have returned on the deciduous trees, unwanted grass is popping up everywhere and temperatures in the 90’s has meant that our watering regimen is in full swing again. I need to patch up or replace a soaker hose here and there, but otherwise I think we are ready for whatever Summer brings.

I’ll have information on these topics — and more — in the coming weeks here in A Gardener’s Notebook and on the YouTube Channel.

Here is a recap of all the posts in this sponsorship, in chronological order, in case you missed anything or want to watch or read them again.

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Video: Spring Beauty That Lasts – Sponsored by #Monrovia – My 2 New Plants

Two more plant ideas from Monrovia – Clivia and Stonerop


Information tags from my Monrovia Plants I hope to install this weekend, once I get over this cold


Video: In the garden…March 15, 2015: Setting out our new plants – Sponsored by #Monrovia

Two More Plant Ideas from Monrovia — Indian Hawthorne and Dwarf Bottlebrush


Two More Plant Ideas from Monrovia — Christmas Carol Aloe and Desert Rose Paddle Plant #sponsored


If you are looking for garden information or new plants to add your your garden, check out Monrovia Plants online.

Link: Monrovia Home and Garden Information

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