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Gewurztraminer wines

Summer in the Garden: Gewurztraminer wines

Sure, I like my big, fat, chewy wines like Cabernet and spicy, fruity wines like Zinfandel, but in the Summer — and especially for Summer in the Garden — I love an ice cold Gewürztraminer to sip slowly while the sun goes down after a good days work planting, pruning and pulling (weeds). While Gewürztraminer is fruity, it need not be cloyingly sweet, in fact it is better if it isn’t. Just a hint of fruit is best and provides a refreshing lightness to the palate. One of my favorite Gewürztraminer is the Fetzer Gewürztraminer linked above. It is inexpensive, yet tasty. Fetzer seems to keep the same taste profile from year to year, so it is always a go-to wine for me when I am looking for something familiar instead of something challenging. That said, there are many great Gewürztraminer out there and I have linked to an entire selection on Amazon.com below. Take a break from the garden, check out these reviews, visit your local wine shop and then pop one in the fridge for the end of your Summer gardening day.

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