As I have mentioned in the Container Garden Update and In the garden… video series, I have been making a point of finding seeds on my regular neighborhood walks. Last night, I found these seeds available.

Here is a photo to show off each one.

Seed gather 20130813a

The liquidambar seems to hold a bunch of dust-like pieces and then what I think are the actual seeds. They are shaped like tiny versions of the typical maple tree “helicopters” that float down from the trees. I originally thought the smaller pieces were the seeds until I shook the pod a little and saw these more seed-like structures.

The buckwheat is one of our native California buckwheats and not the cultivar used for buckwheat flour. This grows naturally in the chaparral covered hillsides and is often planted in garden as a ground cover.

There are several passiflora vines on my regular walking routes. In this case, the birds (I think) are breaking open the seed pods and taking most of the seeds, so this only yielded a few to try germinating. There are more pods just ripening on the vine, so I will check back again on future walks to see if I can grab a few more seeds.

Finally, these mimosa seed pods came from a tree that is absolutely covered with them. Whatever pollinates these trees seems to have done a great job this season.