Interesting Plant: Primula ‘Victoriana Silver Laced Black’

Primula victoriana silver laced

Interesting Plant: Primula ‘Victoriana Silver Laced Black’

Silver and Gold-laced Primroses have been grown in gardens for centuries. This strain produces blooms of deep black-brown with a scalloped silver-white edge and a golden eye. Blooms are fragrant with stems just long enough for cutting, appearing in spring. It’s best to plant these where they will be seen, perhaps beside a woodland path. Primroses prefers a moist site with protection from afternoon sun and will not cope well with dry shade conditions. Consider planting alongside a stream or pond, or under the downspout. Slugs are sometimes a problem. Clumps should be divided every 3 to 4 years, immediately after blooming. —

Wow! I love high color contrast plants and this one really caught my eye when I saw it on Pinterest. The deep red-brown of the petals provide the perfect background for the golden center. Looking at its growing habits and sun requirements, it looks like this might find a place in my garden someday. I can foresee several places in the back garden where it might fit in.

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