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November 2012

Elsewhere: Good advice about damaged trees from Trees Are Good

Here is some excellent advice on how to deal with damaged trees you may have on your property, especially after Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast of the US or after our blustery Santa Ana Winds here in Southern California. First Aid Procedures for TreesPost-Storm Damages & Treatment CHAMPAIGN, IL – The trail of damages […]

2012 Gift Guide: Pat Welsh’s Southern California Organic Gardening (3rd Edition): Month by Month

Pat Welsh’s Southern California Organic Gardening (3rd Edition): Month by Month This my “go-to” guide for gardening in Southern California. Our climate means that gardening happens on a different timetable here and my gardening knowledge from my childhood in Ohio doesn’t serve me very well. Television, too, seems to focus on gardening in colder sections […]

New Book by Douglas: “From A Gardener’s Notebook”

Can’t see the video above? Watch “From A Gardener’s Notebook Book Trailer” on YouTube My latest book is now available in the Amazon Kindle Store — “From A Gardener’s Notebook“. This book is a collection of essays about gardening and what it means to be a gardener. I have been writing for “A Gardener’s Notebook” […]

In the garden…Leaves begone!

We jumped right into work this afternoon, so I didn’t get a chance to shoot any video. It was far more important to get the job done. A combination of time available and energy level led us to tackle a big, twice-a-year job — cleaning all of the leaves off the roof of the house. […]

2012 Gift Guide: Bosmere K676 11 Cubic Foot Composter

I have had 2 of these bins for the past 8-9 seasons and they are going strong. I was lucky enough to get mine at a discount via our local recycling and composting program, but I see them listed here on Amazon.com and you might be able to find them locally, too. Assembly was easy […]

2012 Gift Guide: Garden Mysteries by Anthony Eglin

    Garden Mysteries by Anthony Eglin I have loved these garden-based mystery novels by Anthony Eglin over the years. They are the perfect combination of my love for gardening and mysteries. Lawrence Kingston, the protagonist, is a great character to follow through the adventures. He never plans on getting into trouble — he would rather […]

Daffodils waiting to go into the ground

As you may have seen in my most recent “In the garden…” video, I have a bag of 75 daffodil bulbs that need to go into the ground. Here is the tag from the bag I picked up. I am sure they are pretty generic, as I got them at my local home supply store, […]

2012 Gift Guide: Sunset Western Garden Book 2012

Sunset Western Garden Book 2012 This is a perennial regular in the gift guide and this is a new edition for 2012. I still find it an excellent reference guide specifically designed for western gardeners, like myself. A big book and a useful one. Great for identifying and investigating the plants in your garden. Contains info […]

Photo: Bulbs a-rising 2012

Filming yesterday’s episode of “In the garden…” I saw that these bulbs are already on their way. These are probably paperwhites, which are usually the first bulbs to arrive each year. Here is Southern California, our bulbs start to sprout as soon as we get any significant Winter rain. We had a good rain a […]

2012 Gift Guide: Bulb Planting Tools

Bulb Planting tools I regularly plant 75-100 new bulbs in my garden each year and tools like these are invaluable in the process. I am often planting bulbs in areas outside of prepared garden beds so that they “naturalize” around my garden. These means tough soil, tree roots and a generally hard time breaking the […]