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May 2012

Propagating Azaleas using Layering

My wife was doing some cleanup in the front azalea beds this morning and pruned a few branches so she could get the leaf litter underneath. When I happened upon her trimmings this afternoon I noticed that I just might be able to get some new plants from these trimmings. I don’t prune these azaleas […]

Video: Garden Tip – Seed leaves vs. true leaves

In this tip, Douglas shows the difference between seed leaves and true leaves on his seedlings. Standard advice is to thin or re-pot your seedlings once they develop their first set of true leaves. Can’t see the video above? Watch “Garden Tip – Seed leaves vs. true leaves” on YouTube.   Subscribe to Douglas’ YouTube Channel | Watch […]

Elsewhere: Gardening Tips for Beginners and Reminders for Veterans – Saturday6

My fellow Saturday6 blogger,”Meems”, has some great advice and reminders for gardeners new and old on the Troy-Bilt web site today. — Douglas  Gardening Tips for Beginners and Reminders for Veterans By Cynthia “Meems” Glover, http://www.hoeandshovel.com/ Being a gardener has countless benefits. Sowing a tiny seed into the earth, watering it with faith that a […]

Photo: An Orchid from Southern California Spring Garden Show

A lovely orchid I spotted as I walked through the Southern California Spring Garden Show 2012 a few weeks ago.  Click for larger image See the complete set of photos from the Southern California Spring Garden Show. Read more on this topic: Video: Southern California Spring Garden Show 2012 Photo: Cactus flowers from SoCal Spring […]

AGN joins Troy-Bilt for another season of the Saturday6™!

It’s Spring here in the northern hemisphere and time for gardening to kick into high gear. It’s also time for another season of Troy-Bilt’s Saturday6! For the second year in a row, I have been asked — along with 5 of my fellow bloggers — to be part of this program for Troy-Bilt. This involves […]

Photo: Amaryllis

A few closeups of the Amaryllis blooming in my garden.     Read more on this topic: Photo: An amaryllis from my garden via Instagram Photo: Daffodils at Sunset

Propagating pittosporum

After 16 years in this house and garden, we have developed a quite a few empty areas in the garden beds. As the trees have matured, the garden has developed more and more shade, which has made it very difficult for some of the more sun-loving plants like our roses. These holes have been bothering […]

Video: What Douglas Dug – Show 001 – Podcast

This episode of “What Douglas Dug” is the first in a series of shows where I highlight some of my most recently shared gardening items to my Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest accounts. When I share something I don’t often get much of a chance to tell you WHY I found something interesting or useful, so I am taking this opportunity to show […]

Photo: Healing Waters Design Garden from SoCal Spring Garden Show 2012

These photos show the “Healing Waters” Design Garden at the  Southern California Spring Garden Show in Costa Mesa, California.  It was striking in its use of massive stone elements that then integrated water into their design. This huge stone table had a rivulet running its length which then emptied into a large ceramic pot. Another […]

Event: : Descanso Gardens: Did they survive last year’s windstorm?

California Native Plant Society Los Angeles/Santa Monica Mountains Chapter TUESDAY EVENING PROGRAMS  May 8  ·  7:30 – 9:30pm Descanso Gardens: Did they survive last year’s windstorm? Presenter: Rachel Young Location: Sepulveda Garden Center, Encino Descanso Gardens is a unique Southern California landscape distinguished by its specialized botanic collections, historical significance, and rare natural beauty. Located in a coast live oak […]