Ever see hash tag like #gardenchat and #treechat go spinning by in your Twitter stream and wonder what they were? These hash tags are used to facilitate Twitter chats. Much like the chat rooms of old, these scheduled chats bring together like-minded people to chat, using Twitter, about their favorite topic. Running a chat in Twitter, like this, also allows everyone to simultaneously share their chat comments with all their Twitter followers.

One of the easiest ways to engage in a Twitter chat is by using the TweetChat web site. This site allows you to log in via your Twitter account, select which hashtag you want to follow, and also automatically includes the hashtag in every tweet, so everyone else sees your messages.


My usual hangout is GardenChat, held each Monday night at 9pm EST/6pm PST.  Join us some evening. I think you will enjoy it. Transcripts of past GardenChats are available in the transcript library of the GardenChat site.


Here are 5 garden-related chats that I know occur on a regular basis. Click each link for schedule, information and transcripts of previous chats.


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    1. I saw herbchat listed on a site, but it didn’t have any links for further information, so I didn’t include it. Do you have a link to their “home base” on the web? I would love to share that.

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