My garden is filled with leaves. It only makes sense since it is totally surrounded by mature trees of many varieties. Even more, the deciduous trees drop their leaves only to start a completely new set almost immediately. Even worse, I really don’t like cleaning up leaves. Oh woe is me! (LAUGH)

Leaves in the garden



Today, though, I bit the bullet and pulled out our behemoth of a chipper shredder. It is so large I don’t feel like it is worth using most times, but when we are buried in leaves (and limbs) like today, it was time. I hadn’t used the gas-powered chipper shredder is quite a long time, so I was also dreading the fact that it might not start at all. While I learned how to repair gasoline motors and all sorts of things growing up, mechanics was never my strong suit. I left that to the amazing skills of my father, who seems able to make anything work no matter how worn or abused


Imagine my surprise when the chipper-shredder started with one pull. Granted, I had remembered to run it completely out of gas the last time I used it, but you can never tell what might happen when something sits unused for months. So, now that the gardening planets appeared to have aligned, it is time to shred leaves for the next 5 or 6 days, I would guess. We filled out green gardening bin today for pickup, but I have instructed everyone that the main gardening job right now is gathering leaves and depositing them next the shredder so that I can make regular visits — between the blogging and the podcasting and the consulting — and get rid of this years crop eventually.

For the next few days the compost and leaf mold piles will be overflowing.


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