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My Favorite Places

Here are a some GPS coordinates for a few of my favorite places.

Man-made, but wild

This is the first cache I have set up. Not actuall goodies but it highlights a very pretty area close to home.

Beeman Park, Studio City, CA

N 34 09.089 W 118 24.485

LA Public Library, Studio City, CA

N 34 09.034 W 118 24.317

Malibu Country Mart - Shopping/Playground

N 34 02.173 W 118 41.172

Sepulveda Basin Model Flight Field

N 34 10.450 W 118 28.925



Lastest Find -- March 1, 2002

NGS Benchmark Recovery Cache

In this cache, you locate a NGS (National Geographic Survey) Boundry Marker in your area and take a picture.

SF 117 Sherman Oaks, CA

An easy find. It was pretty much were I expected it to be given the NGS description.

Most of the listed sites in this area are either simple spikes in the sidewalk or paved over in the middle of intersections. I was lucky to find one that was so well cared for so close to home.


Caja D'oro (Gold Box) @ Orcutt Ranch

Feel a bit silly logging a Not Found on this. Of course, I forgot the clue printout so I couldn't even fall back on that. Even after reading the clue I am not sure exactly where the cache is, although I have a few more places to check now.

My eTrex was jumping all over the place do to the heavy tree cover, but even looking in the likely spots didn't help.

Just another example of geocaching keeping you humble, I guess. Luckily, Joe, (4) was not too disheartened by not finding it. Maybe this was a good lesson to learn.

I will head back over that way and try again, now that I have the clue.


Station 27 Cache

Sorry we took so long while the previous poster waited. We found the cache OK but then lost a set of sunglasses. Finally gave up looking for them glasses but went back after their find and located them.

The eTrex bounced around a bit probably due to be down behind the steep hillside.

Joe (4) found this cache almost on his own today. He took the Pez dispenser set and left a neat scallop shell desktop chotcke that can be used to hold business cards, seating cards at the dinner table or your favorite drawing.

The cache was pretty full. Bring fairly small items.


Caches Found

2/03/02 Coldwater Cache

A beautiful day again today. I have been to this park many times in the past and so was somewhat familiar with the terrain.

First multi-cache for me so I was hoping I knew how to put in the coordinates correctly. I was expecting a much smaller container for the first waypoint and I missed a trail as I was walking up so it took longer than it should have. Somewhat busy today so I had to wait for folks to move on at both points.

I needed a slight hint for teh first waypoint because I came at it from the wrong side after missing the trail. Once I walked around to the other side it was easy.

I was surprised to find that the cache wasn't hidden at all. The way it is situated prevents it from being seen from the trail, though. At least one recent log entry mentioned that they had stumbled across the cache by accident.

Many thanks for a good cache so close to home.

2/030/2 Dog Tags

The work that went into this cache is phenomenal!!! A wonderful combination of driving rally , searching and hiking. 5 stars! 2 Thumbs up! The tags are a great idea.

Arrived at Tag #1 about 2:30p after seeing that at least 2 others had already completed the course before me. I did Coldwater Cache this morning, had lunch and then headed off.

I used to visit location #1 for Mac User Group meetings so the area was somewhat familiar. to answer the failed log below, though, I didn't see the tag until I heard it. Luckily a slight breeze mad the tag clink against the fence and then I immediately found it. It was still there after I left because I ran into a trio coming into the last cache as I was walking out.

Having confirmed my ability to enter in coordinates directly to the eTrex earlier in the day at Coldwater I set the numbers and was off again. Tricky areas around Northridge due to the freeway and all the little washes and drainage canals. #2 freaked me a bit as the arrow consistently pointed into someone's back yard. I knew that couldn't be right and felt I was at the right spot. A touchy barking dog also made me a little leary. I could just imagine the LAPD arriving and questioning me about my odd behavior. (SMILE) Decoded the hint found it almost immediately. It was where I figured it was but I just had to be brave and go far enough to see it.

Waypoint #3 I could almost read from inside thecar. Coordinates were dead on.

Waypoint #4 was also easily accessible and only took me about a minute to find.

Once I set the cache coordinates I packed up my bag and headed off.

WORD OF WARNING -- Do NOT try and follow your arrow directly during the first part of the trail. It could be detrimental to your health. the trail will get you were you want to go.

The creek is nice and easy to ford. Pick your way into and out of the creek though to keep it easy.

I was having trouble approaching caches today for some reason. I was in the right spot but couldn't seem to see the cache. Moved around a little and the way was obvious.

Even with the warning I thought twice before reaching for the cache. Nice touch!

This is one of the nicest caches I have seen. Well built, well hidden and well stocked. I DID have to shake the pen a bit to get it going but it did write eventually. (SMILE)


As mentioned above, I met a trio on their way down from #4 to the cache and offered the above advice about staying on the trail.


Total time from #1 to cache was about 1.5 hours.

1/1/2002 Lifesaver (Arizona)

A great way to start the new year. We are spending a few days at a ranch just across Hwy 89A from the cache. On the way back from Sedona, with Cafe Mocha and Cafe Latte firmly in hand, we headed back. I had forgotten the clue sheet and maps but already had the cache in my eTrex. Didn't need any additional info, though, just parked at the pull out when the arrow pointed the way.

This is a neat cache as there is no pre-defined trail leading to it. You kinda of strike out on your own. I got 200 yards in and realized I couldn't see my car and I forgot to mark it. Good thing I had the track to follow back.

Joe (3 1/2) had fallen asleep in the car so, ever the intrepid father, I struck out for the cache. I had forgotten our goodie for the cache but signed the log. When I got back, Rosanne insisted I return to place a California highway map and take a smashed penny for Joe's collection.

The road wasn't bad, even after rain yesterday. Rough and washboarded but not too bad.

11/9/2001 Bluffs Box (California)

Rosanne and Joe found this one while I was stomping around almost 30 feet away. Joe was very excited to find the cache (after Mom pointed out the lid peeking from underneath a rock.

A great day to do it as there were only a few people about. The views are amazing and the telescopes don't require quarters. (SMILE)

8/22/2001 Where the wild things were. (California)

8/19/2001 Charlie Brown's Tree (California)

8/18/2001 Xtreme Micro Cache (California)


8/18/2001 The Lost Treasure at Yorba Regional Park (California)


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