Douglas Produces The New Mentoris Project Podcast

It has been great working with my wife, Dr. Rosanne Welch, on this new podcast from the Mentoris Project. It is always fun combining work, family, and great authors all in one project. While Rosanne handles the hosting, I am recording, editing and doing other technical production on the podcast.

Rosanne is also one of the authors of this book series, with her first book, America’s Forgotten Founding Father and her upcoming book on Giuseppe Garibaldi.

From The Mentoris Project…

The Mentoris Project is a series of novels and biographies about the lives of great Italians and Italian-Americans. It is our intention to inspire the reader in a very tangible way: To finish the book saying, “I can do something great, too.” To put it another way, these books seek to be mentors for our readers.

Rosanne Welch and Peg Lamphier

Peg Lamphier and Rosanne Welch Record An Upcoming Episode of The Mentoris Podcast

From Rosanne…

Hosting the Mentoris Project Podcast has been both fun, engaging and educational – I love meeting and interviewing writers from all over the country and learning about their subjects.

In my latest conversation with Cynthia Cooper, author of No Person Above the Law: A Novel Based on the Life of Judge John J. Sirica, I learned more about Watergate and Judge John Sirica, the justice who caused Nixon’s resignation than I thought possible. 

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