New Media Questions: If you had a Blog, Podcast or YouTube Channel, what WOULD you say?

Often, when I talk with people about New Media and how they might use it, their first response is…

“I have no idea what I would talk about!” 

The truth is, though, we all have our special interests, hobbies, and topics that cause us to rant at the smallest opportunity. 

New Media holds so many benefits to you, your organization or your company. It seems a shame not to use it. So, hopefully, this question will help to draw out your inherent interests.

In my case, each and every one of my blogs and podcasts grew out of an interest I already had. Whether it was gardening, careers, new media itself or technology, once I recognized my interests, it was easy to create the blog and/or podcast.

Over the next several days, think about — If you had a Blog, Podcast or YouTube Channel, what would you say?

As you go through your day, notice what sparks your interest, what makes you rant, what holds a conversation together. These are exactly the topics you should be creating in New Media.

Leave your ideas, thoughts and comments below! I’d love to hear what you come up with!

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