Subscribed 006: CareerCamp International

A bit of semi-self-promotion this week on Subscribed. Today’s featured YouTube Channel is from CareerCamp International. CareerCamps are a series of free, career unconferences organized by local communities and sponsored by local businesses. Back in July 2012 we held our 7th CareerCamp in Santa Clarita, California.

The CareerCamp International YouTube Channel is where we post videos recorded at the various CareerCamp events. Currently there are 15 different videos for you to investigate. Check out the titles to see which one’s you might be interested in watching. You’ll find a couple of videos from me in the mix there, too.

Here is a talk from CareerCampLA co-chair, Jennifer Oliver O’Connell. Check out all the videos on the CareerCamp International YouTube Channel. 

What are some of your favorite YouTube Subscriptions? Share them here i the comments!

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