Are you using Google+? Check it out!

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I have been using Google+, the new social network from Google, for several weeks now. In light of by usual advice regarding social networks, I would encourage you to go check it out. As someone who is interested/involved in using social media, it is important to keep an eye on what is happening in the “industry.” Checking out new social media services should be something you do on a regular basis. It doesn’t mean you will find every site useful to you or your work, but it will allow you to take quick advantage of those services that offer you some benefit.

The truth is, we often don’t know which sites will be useful to use until we sign up and use them for a short period of time. I abandon far more services than i use on a daily basis, but I still believe it is important to be aware of those services and how some may become important into the future. You might not have a direct use for them now, but changes in life and business might suddenly bring them to the fore.

So, head over to Google+ (familiarly known as G+) and get started. You probably already have an account to use there if you use any of the other Google services like Gmail, Google Calendar or YouTube.

You’ll find me on Google+ here at my profile.

Note: Today you will see a ton of messages about the new Brand pages that G+ opened up just this morning. Things should settle down to a more usual volume and type of traffic as the day goes on. Don’t let all the Brands scare you away.

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