What I’m (e)Reading…Voicebank.net’s VoiceRegistry Blog

This is the first post in a new on-going series highlighting the blogs I read on a regular basis, using Google Reader. I have found over the last several years that I no longer read rint magazines very often. Most of my “magazin reading” is now done using Google Reader and a large collection of blog and websites I subscribe to there. Each edition of What I’m (e)Reading… will highlight one of my favorite blogs. Check it out and subscribe if it is interesting to you.

Voicebank.net’s VoiceRegistry Blog with Tracy Pattin

My friend, Tracy, does this great blog on the voice over industry. I have often thought about doing voice over work, but the industry is highly professional and difficult to break into. Listening to Tracy’s interviews with voice over artists has helped me develop a new understanding of the industry, though.

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