New Media Interchange is growing! Join Us!

Just a note to say that New Media Interchange is growing every day and we would love to have you.

My main goal is to bring folks from traditional media and new media together so we can all benefit. I think that we each have information and skills that others can use.

You can become involved with New Media Interchange by joining our mailing list at:

and visiting our wiki at:

The wiki has a Skills Bank page where you can list your skills so others can find the information that they need.

2 thoughts on “New Media Interchange is growing! Join Us!

  1. You are now approved on the wiki. With the new PBWiki 2.0 setup, I have to add each person as a Writer. I usually do it when I see them register for the mailing list, but I was out to dinner. (SMILE)

    Enjoy and Welcome!


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