There is a demand for information

What does it mean that non-technial people are starting to discover podcasting as a means of getting their message our to their customers, volunteers and patrons? It means that there is a pent-up demand for knowledge that I and other podcasters can fill.

This concept has been reinforced even more this week as two opportunities expanded into several more. First, as part of the film workshop I am doing next week, not only will I be presenting at the workshop, but several departments of the college itself are also asking for some of my time. They are ready to join Apple’s iTunes U to get their content online, but need a little more information to get them started. Additonally, I will be speaking to both their online and on-site instructors on how media, and podcasting specifically, can be used to enhance their educational offerings.

The second opportunity sprang from my relationship with a new client. As we casually discussed podcasting as I resolved a networking problem for her, she realized that she had several clients who could really benefit from having their own podcast. I sent her a proposal for producing these podcasts and we should know by the end of the month if the projects will move forward.

I hope my experiences show you how there is a great demand for information and assistance with podcasting that you can help to fulfill. Be on the lookout for these opportunities as they may come from some of the oddest places.

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