Watch what ads you are selling/placing in your podcasts

iPod Old - 100_2471.JPGMark Cuban is addressing traditional networks in his blog post, but his words apply just as strongly to podcasters, especially as more and more of us start to use advertising as a way to monetize our podcasts. The ads you place in your podcast define your podcast, your message and your ethics as much as the content of your show. If you consistently place ads that might look like a rip-off to your viewers, your entire show will suffer. Listener see your show as a whole. They want as much integrity from your advertisers as they get from you and your opinions. Don’t let them down or you will surely lose them.

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Ripoff Commercials = Stupid TV Stations and Networks (Mark Cuban/Blog Maverick)

Ripoff Commercials = Stupid TV Stations and Networks — Its hard to turn on the TV today and not see commercials for some of the biggest ripoff schemes in existence. From Get Rich Quick schemes around the internet, around trading stocks, around real estate and anything else scam artists can think of …

Source: Blog Maverick

Author: Mark Cuban

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