Your Domain Name Home and Creating Your Blog from Two Challenges in Building Your Career [Audio Clip] (1:05)

A Clip from Two Challenges in Building the Career You Deserve with Douglas E. Welch. 

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Your Domain Name Home and Creating Your Blog from Two Challenges in Building Your Career

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Douglas E. Welch ( presents to the class Career Development – Theories and Techniques at Pepperdine Graduate School of Education & Psychology taught by fellow CareerCamp Co-Chair, Danielle Gruen

The two biggest challenges are deciding what you want to do as a career and then building the career you deserve once you decide.

I discuss the Career Compass method of discovering your career wants, needs and desires and then using various social media tools to show people “What you do and how well you do it”


Now, in my case, I have my own web site. I actually pay for some web space out there and I have various properties on that web space and that is where that name points to right now. You don’t necessarily have to go that far. You can set up a free blog on How many people have heard of WordPress? is a free blog. You go in, you set it up, you get a name like, or something like that, but that doesn’t really matter because what you do is you point your own personal domain over to this and so people type in that and end up here. Again, you own your name. You own your presence, you can point it wherever you wish. Another one is although Google doesn’t seem to be paying much attention to right now. Tumblr is really popular right now, too. Tumblr is a bot of a wild, wild and wooly place, in some ways. It’s interesting, but you can also set up a Tumblr blog and just point your name over there, as well. Nothing wrong with that. The point is to have your name.

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