Revisit the Career Compass Regularly from Two Challenges in Building Your Career [Video Clip] (0:42)

A Clip from Two Challenges in Building the Career You Deserve with Douglas E. Welch. 

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Revisit the Career Compass Regularly from Two Challenges in Building Your Career



Douglas E. Welch ( presents to the class Career Development – Theories and Techniques at Pepperdine Graduate School of Education & Psychology taught by fellow CareerCamp Co-Chair, Danielle Gruen

The two biggest challenges are deciding what you want to do as a career and then building the career you deserve once you decide.

I discuss the Career Compass method of discovering your career wants, needs and desires and then using various social media tools to show people “What you do and how well you do it”


The great thing about this, too, is you can revisit the Compass at any time and you should revisit it at least…um…oh, twice a year? Once a year at least, because your wants, needs and desires change over time. What you may really enjoy today, maybe you’ll find something else you enjoy even more in the future. Constantly be reviewing what’s going on in your live and career and seeing maybe are there other interests — maybe something — maybe you just had a really bad experience with something and you’re like, “Forget it. I never want to do that again, ever, because I just had the worst experience with it.” And that might change in the future, but right now, unh uh, it’s down here. It’s down here in the Southwest and I don’t ever want to see it again. Well, it can happen.

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