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Gridlock is unacceptable from the Career Opportunities Podcast [Archive]

October 9th, 2015

Gridlock is unacceptable

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From the Career Opportunities Archives…

The world is in gridlock. Everything from government, to business, to our own personal relationships are suffering from an almost universal inability to get anything done. It seems we have collectively forgotten why we are involved in our various shared endeavors. We partner together to do good, not only for ourselves, but for everyone involved. When progress becomes a slave to ideology, pettiness and fear, gridlock is the result.

I have said, and others have as well, that if you are not moving forward you are falling behind. Gridlock doesn’t maintain the status quo, it feeds a downward spiral where everything begins to fall apart. Gridlock serves no one and those who promote gridlock are failing themselves and everyone around them.

We only need to look around us to see the effects of gridlock. Here in California our state government has decided that it is more important to do nothing, rather than address the state’s, and the people’s, business. We are operating (if you can call it that) without a budget and everyone is suffering, Infrastructure is failing, employees are lost and projects are canceled. In just a few more weeks the state will be forced to pay its bills with IOUs instead of cash. This simply spreads the pain even further. In our case, gridlock is bringing the state to the verge of collapse. Yet, it still continues.

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