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Video: Our reaction to transition from “Transition as the New Normal” with Douglas E. Welch

November 12th, 2014

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Don’t just accept everything as kind of a fait accompli which means something that has just happened and you have to deal with it. Yes, there are points in our life every so often — I don’t think they are usual — when things are kind of presented to us and we simply have to deal with it, but as everyone in the self-help genre is fond of saying, it’s not what happens that is important. It is our reactions to it. And I am a perfect example of that. I have trouble with my reactions to change sometimes. Which is why I have thought about this so much. I tend to overreact to things. That’s just the way I’m made up. I can do things that try to alleviate it. I can work around it. Self-knowledge helps. Even if you can’t control it entirely. At least you know, Ok, this is why I’m feeling this way. I need to like go off in a corner and have a cup of coffee and just chill for a while an get my footing back, but it’s very important to understand who you are and how you reat to things and try to tune those reactions to better serve you. Sometimes we spend all of our time trying to better serve the externals. Everybody out there. Everything out there and we don’t think about ourselves that much. And that is where transition can really throw us off. We’re not thinking about how am I going to deal with this transition. We’re thinking about what are they going to think about this transition. 

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