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You have to live with your career every day. Your boss doesn’t have to live with your career. Your wife doesn’t have to live with your carer. Your husband doesn’t have to live with your career. Your children don’t have to live with you career. You have to live with your career every single day. It better fit or you are going to drive yourself mad. As just a poor example, imagine a pair of shoes that don’t fit. Remember how agonizing that can feel if you are in a pair of shoes — or a dress, or a suit, or pair of pants, — that don’t fit. How just annoying it is. Now multiply that by about a million and you have a career that does not fit.

So the object is not to have a career that doesn’t fit, because it’ll effect everything in your life negatively. It will effect your family life, your work life, your personal life, your relationship with your children, everything. There is no way that a bad career can not effect your life. We like to think, “Oh, I just divorce that part. I go home and I turn off the job” and I say good luck to you, because I can’t do that. I carry that right here with me every single day all the time. Is it just the type of person I am? Yes, to dome degree. I tend to carry those things with me, but I’ve talked with enough people to realize that I’m not the only one. When I have an irritant in my life like that I carry it everywhere.

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