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How to deal with “End of an Era” events — from the Career Opportunities Podcast

August 15th, 2014

Listen: How to deal with “End of an Era” events

Career Opportunities podcast logoThe “End of an Era” can be, sad, dramatic, or painful, but it can also be seen as inevitable. There is a beginning and an end to all stages of our lives and careers. How we deal with these ‘End of an Era” events can be a major factor in our future career success. While it may be the “End of an Era” it is also the beginning of a new, more exciting one.

I am facing an End of an Era moment myself so this seemed like a great time to use, as I often do, my own life as an example. If you read the Career Opportunities blog ( you already know that the print edition of Career Opportunities ceased publication at the end of December 2007. After 11 ½ years, it was disappointing, if not entirely unexpected. Traditional media has been losing out against online media for a while and that was one of the reasons I started placing Career-Op online, as well as in a podcast.

When I first heard the news, it struck me as “The End of an Era.” Do something long enough and you can get very attached to it. That said, though, these types of events force us to do one important thing…think. Was this the time to bring the entire column, both offline and online to an end? Had I said everything that I had to say about careers? Had I helped everyone I could possibly help? The answer in this case is no, but it is much more important that I thought about it and didn’t blindly keep going forward into a task I no longer found enjoyable. Of course, if I had decided to end the column, that would have been fine as well. Instead of bemoaning the loss of the print column, I could use this as an opportunity to explore new venues, new topics and new concepts. It still wouldn’t have been horrible, even after so many years.

So, how do you approach the “End of an Era” events in your life? Do you cry, stomp your feet, complain? That is fine, up to a point. After you get over the initial shock, though, it is important to figure out your next step. Your life has brought you to this point over the years. What is the next step? What would you most like to do now? The truth is, without these endings forced upon us, we would often continue on in the same way, the same rut, for years longer than could ever be productive. It seems a cliché, but I find it more and more true each time it occurs. Endings are just as important as beginnings. If we fail to end things ourselves, we should, at least, appreciate those endings that are forced upon us. Otherwise, we might never grow.

As you might begin to see, creating our own endings on our own terms is often better than having them thrust upon us. While it can be difficult to create our own endings, the control we gain over our lives makes it imperative. Does your job seem dull and uninteresting? This is a clear sign you need to make a change. Don’t ignore it until you are fired or laid off. Make the move on your own agenda. The results will certainly be less stressful and often much more beneficial. After all, if you make your own ending, you will have less grieving to do and can start being productive in your new beginning right away.

The end of one era is also the beginning of the next. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by the ending, when the new beginning has so much more to offer. If you can learn to manage your endings, you’ll find some wonderful beginnings in your career and your life.

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