Invites: Want more happiness in your life? Join Happify!

I was invited to join this site, Happify, which seeks to help you build more happiness into your life in a variety of ways. Since it is beta right now, you can only join via invite. It just so happens, though, that I have 5 invites to give away.

Here is some more info on Happify…

At Happify, we’re on top of all the latest cutting-edge research. And it’s that research that informs the interactive, science-based online experience we’ve developed for you — to teach you the skills of happiness. Optimism, self-confidence, gratitude, hope, compassion, purpose, empathy – these are all qualities that anyone can own.

You just have to learn how. And doing so will change your life.

Visit Happify for more info!


Happify2 Happify3

Add you comment below about why you would like an invite to Happify and I will send them out on a random basis. Make sure to include your appropriate email address so I can send you the invite.

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