Some notes from the BeOnFire Twitter chat this evening – Tenacity and Persistance

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I stopped by the weekly #beonfire Twitter chat this evening for the first time and stepped into a discussion about tenacity and persistence. Here are some highlights from my comments during the chat.

  • As with all things, you have to balance tenacity and persistence with thinking or you can try harder at the wrong thing.
  • @Pistachio Yes, we all have cycles in our energy level. You have to know where you are a the moment and how to proceed
  • @ShellyKramer Anything you learn from is NOT a failure, even if you close/abandon that particular project.
  • @BSchuler I think true failure is rare, but re-aligning is very, very common. We adjust with each step we take.
  • @Pistachio Important to understand that certain projects go “fallow” for periods of time, then come back. Not really dead.
  • I think more people are stopped by fear of failure then failure itself, so important to get people moving in any way.
  • Really tenacity is using inertia in our favor. Letting small movements carry us along — Object in motion staying in motion
  • @npersona Tenacity and persistence is about Intelligent thinking about WHY you are being tenacious and persistent. Stubbornness is ego driven.
  • For me, the difference is am I doing for what I want to accomplish or because my ego is over-involved in some way. Ego = big problem
  • For me, this is why I work with/collaborate with others. Doing something with/for others helps with the ego.
  • @Pistachio Sometimes, you just have to kick yourself on the butt and realize you are being destructive in  your stubbornness. i.e.
  • @Pistachio when we “take our ball and go home” unless people do it exactly our way. THAT is EGO with a Capital E
  • What drives me? Others. I have often said that I do my best work when I am working for something that helps others as well as myself
  • @ShellyKramer Yes. Everbody wins or no go. Winning at the expense of others, knowingly and actively is BAD JUJU. 🙂
  • What will I be more tenacious about? Working hard to spread word about my career unconferences and finding more backing. Fund raising is NOT my strong suit.

A complete transcript of this #beonfire Twitter can can be found on their web page.

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