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#CareerChat – Talking about Gen Y

March 13th, 2012

Great #careerchat today about Gen Y. Here is what I had to say.

  • @bizMebizgal Hmmm…hope we don’t fall into generation bashing. “Hey you kids, get off my company’s lawn!” and all that. #careerchat
  • @kbaumann Yes, I hear so much disparaging stuff about youth, but the young people I know don’t seem like that at all #careerchat
  • I many ways, we have to be careful of trying to apply our career experience to them. The world had changed dramatically. #careerchat
  • @bizMebizgal In one way, the concept of 1-2 long term jobs vs a series of shorter term positions. It is more “work” to manage
  • When I write about careers, I use the term to mean a succession of work/projects/etc, not one or two “jobs”
  • Each generation has it differences, to be sure, but we really need to watch for our bias in labeling their “faults”
  • @sunshinejess22 I think every generation demonizes youth in some way. You think we could grow beyond that.
  • @rezlady I also try to encourage people to direct their career and not simply let it happen to them.
  • On major issue for Gen Y is that have learned that what THEY want is more important then what a company wants. Causes conflict.
  • Yes, they must meet company needs, but responsibility for their own career happiness lies directly with themselves.
  • Different approaches can mean that parents can often be pushing children towards choices that no longer fit.
  • We have to be very careful in using the exception the rule. Every gen has some slackers but not ALL slackers.
  • Guess who is most to blame for lack of comm skills though. Oh Oh, it’s US (i.e. the parents) Yikes!
  • Yep, for me “Success is supporting yourself and your family doing something you love!”
  • Re: parents – That said, we also have to realize they they are growing up in a much different work from ours. Not bad, different
  • I think we have to watch too using college kids as guideline of gen. We all changed quite dramatically once we left
  • @bizMebizgal I think college is an extension of high school for most and it is only on exit that reality starts to kick in
  • @BeKnown A think a wide breadth of knowledge is important, with a few spikes of expertise here and there.
  • @kbaumann I would say it is a combination of both. Those who have internalized the “soft” things do better overall.
  • @WorkAtKforce Career centers have to be sure they are not teaching career skills for LAST generation. Can turn off students.
  • Re: Career Services – @tacservicesllc In some cases you have to go out and find students where they are i.e. social media, campus life, etc.
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