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Today’s #careerchat – What makes a good job candidate?

November 15th, 2011

Here is what I had to say on today’s #careerchat. The topics was “What makes a good job candidate?” I got into a good discussion on how companies should be looking for candidates instead of waiting for them to submit their resumes.

  • FYI @careertips is Douglas E. Welch from the Career Opportunities podcast –
  • A1: There are so many traits to call out. Action driven, forward thinking, passionate about their work, self-confident…
  • A2: On a resume, I prefer to see a “story” or their accomplishments, not just a list. I think stories have more impact.
  • Question: Wouldn’t it be better to go out and find your perfect candidates instead of waiting for them to come to you?
  • I would love to see people switch over to that method. Look for those people already presenting themselves well on the ‘Net.
  • I find it a bit odd that we are still so focused on paper resumes (or online equivs) and such. Look for people, not paper.
  • @DavidGaspin I think a lot of people/companies are relying on a method that is 100+ years old and not embracing new tools.
  • Constantly be looking for people who meet your needs everywhere — online forums, chats, G+, Facebook etc.
  • People present “what they do and how well they do it” every day. We need to pay more attention.
  • For me, resumes might as well be stone tablets, as the “technology” is so archaic. Surely we can come up with a better method.
  • For a careerist, I recommend using social media to show people “what you do and how well you do it” every day in every way.
  • Get jobs to come to them instead of going out and begging for a job
  • @DavidGaspin Not a recruiter. I think that people can/do show more of themselves in their interactions than you evr see on paper
  • @DavidGaspin You get a much more rounded idea of their skills and who they are as a person if/when you interact with them.
  • @LearnDevelopLLC The trouble is, you want it to be easy for you. You want to use resume as a rubric to cull.
  • An example, if you are looking for programmers, do you frequent prog. forums, newsgroups, mailing lists? Why not? That is where
  • …your best candidates are already
  • …and the best people will be demonstrating their skills at programming, communication and interaction there for you to see
  • @DavidGaspin I think that we will see that relying on resumes doesn’t scale. Hence the number of tech jobs going open today
  • People are starting to realize the a company has to offer something to them and their career, too. They will go where wanted
  • @DavidGaspin You can find the candidates you want to bring in for further discussion and present mgrs with small pool
  • @DavidGaspin Just as before, you are just finding your candidates, hopefully better ones, in a different way.
  • @DavidGaspin You are going looking for people instead of waiting for them to find you.
  • I believe that for certain jobs, recruitment is the only way to go. Candidates simply have too many good options/alternatives
  • They aren’t reading the want ads looking for a job. People are already coming to them i.e. recruiting them.
  • @benwmaddox Nah, I think recruiters are best lurking in forums and such. Places where people demonstrate their skills and such
  • Phone calls are yet another archaic tech I would like to kill off. (LAUGH)
  • @SalarySchool ..and I think they should. Find your candidates where they live and work.
  • @bizMebizgal To me it seems a no brainer. People are willingly showing you who they are, what they do, why not use it.
  • @bizMebizgal Here in LA I am constantly referring people to the Web405 mailing list to find progs/designers/etc
  • BTW, before it gets to late – Book Giveaway on blog – The Adversity Paradox –
  • @DavidGaspin I see more jobs trending the same way as tech, though. People have more options now and will start to see that.
  • @DavidGaspin It is a general movement towards everyone seeing themselves as freelancer even if currently an employee.
  • @DavidGaspin Email is the new gold standard for contacts or contacting them using whatever service they use. FB, Twitter, etc.
  • @SalarySchool I think we are starting to see the non-competes are nearly unenforceable. Too close to indentured servitude.
  • @SalarySchool You can’t take my livelihood from me just because you have competitors.
  • @DavidGaspin No, since online interaction is immediate and clearly demonstrates who they are and what they do.
  • @DavidGaspin I don’t agree. Online interaction is much more free flowing, open and enlightening than any paper (or LI) resume
  • @gg3nyc (Re: One Page Resume) That is one reason I consider the resume archaic. Artificial limitation on content. It is one page as that is…
  • …less work for person looking at resumes, not because it has any actual bearing on the information.


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