Career Tips – A collection of tips recently shared on the @careertips Twitter feed

Here is a collection of career tips recently shared on the @careertips Twitter feed…

  • [Tip] We don’t just need jobs. We need purpose! We need passion! We need projects that improve the world – local and global!
  • [TIp] If you are not finding work, try letting work find you. Use social media to demonstrate “What you do and how well you do it!”
  • [Tip] Doing everything to avoid being fired means doing nothing for your career and yourself. Don’t let fear make you abandon your career.
  • [Tip] Working for a company that doesn’t allow you to build your career is a slow, painful decline. Be aware of what is happening around you
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  • [Tip] Working for a company that doesn’t allow you to build your career is a slow, painful decline. Be aware of what is happening around you
  • [Tip] You are the only one who really cares about your career, so it is up to you to do what needs to be done to make it great.
  • [Tip] I believe it is better to be aggressive, take initiative and be fired, rather than keep your head down and be laid off anyway.
  • [Tip] Being a team player is nice, but it never pays to be on a team that is headed nowhere. Sometimes you have to break out.
  • [Tip] Are you sharing job leads, career advice, good feelings with others? Why not? Help others to help yourself! Everyone wins!
  • [Tip] What have you done for YOUR career today? Doing something for yourself is the highest act of charity towards you career.
  • [Tip] We all underestimate our own skills, knowledge and abilities. Don’t. For your own benefit, try to believe that you can do even more.
  • [Tip] Want to expand your horizons, knowledge and understanding of the world. Get out of town! Literally. Get out of the country even better
  • [Tip] “You can be fired from your job but you’ll never be fired from your career” Radical Careering/Sally Hogshead –
  • [TIP] Do you give back in your career relationships or constantly take. Balance is required for long term health of relationships
  • [Tip] Great book about art, but lots of advice that can be applied to your career, too – The War of Art – 
  • [Tip] Chances are your work will always be unappreciated. Might as well be unappreciated for doing something you love.
  • [Tip] Some see different as wrong and there is little you can do about it…except keep being different and knowing your not wrong.
  • [Tip] If you don’t do something today the odds are pretty good you won’t do it tomorrow either. Take one step forward today. Then another.
  • [Tip] If you see something as the “same old, same old”, it is a clear sign that change is needed. Don’t ignore these signposts. Change!
  • [Tip] If you are not being led by a leader, become one yourself. You will find that others are also missing a leader and will follow you.
  • [Tip] Opportunities can arise from anywhere. Be prepared to take advantage of them. They may be odd, or different, but could be next step
  • [Tip] Be organized i.e. getting things done, is one of the best traits you can bring to your career. Talk, sure, but Do much more frequently
  • [Tip] Give your own career and reputation the dedicated attention that an artist, actor or musician might give. Your career is just as impt!
  • [Tip] It is time to start attracting work TO you instead of seeking it out. Tell people what you do and how well you do it.
  • [Tip] When a leader begins to control your actions, not enlighten your thinking, it is time to find another. Leaders inform, not control.
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