Tidbits from today’s #careerchat

#CareerChat is a Twitter-based chat that happens every Tuesday at 1pm EDT/10am PDT. I try to make it whenever I can. Here are some of my thoughts that came out in today’s chat.

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We were discussing how to deal with gaps in your resume due to layoffs and downsizing.

  • A1: It does help to have other, perhaps volunteer work to fill in the gap. Maybe even self-developed projects
  • Consulting is another great idea
  • That said, it seems odd we still worry about such things in today’s job market. Everyone has gaps, or so it would seem
    • We need to finds ways to make gaps less of a red flag.
    • Yet another one of those archaic issues that revolve around job search. Some people still living in the 60’s
  • You can’t/shouldn’t have gaps. You need to be doing something all the time. Put projects in place before layoff
  • I always have my CareerCamp work as on-going so there is always something happening. Develop your own projects and show them off
  • Social media is very important way of showing people “What you do and how well you do it!”
  • Common sense is always the most important and often least acknowledged. 🙂
  • I push self-directed” education with everyone I talk with/speak to. Very important for overall life/career health
  • RT : If you have a gap in your career, be prepared to answer, “What did you do?” from recruiter. Dont say “Nothing
    • Know your “story” before you walk in the door…and then tell it well. Always good advice.
  • Sharing your knowledge and expertise using social media is a necessary and imp. part of your career. Can lead directly to work.
    • You always have something to share/say..or you need to. Capture ideas and thoughts, post to blog, etc
  • Most people “throw away” great content and ideas because they don’t capture them immediately. Write it down.
    • You have more to say than you might think. Really! I believe that is true to everyone.
    • I carry a paper journal everywhere I go, even though I am a tech head with an iPhone. It facilitates easy idea capture anywhere
    • I find the conspicuous nature can help sometimes. People like to see that you are capturing info and ideas
    • My clients always notice when I am taking notes during a consulting call..always. Easy way to estab. credibility
    • Oh yes, ALWAYS take notes during and interview, even if you are only noting how ugly their tie is. (LAUGH)
    • Taking notes during an interview can give you an oppty to slow down and think about your answers before speaking.
    • I can’t imagine that it would (annoy the interviewer). It shows your interest and your attention to the interview, I think
      • You are being interviewed, not interrogated. At least, that is the way it should be
    • (Dealing with interview nerves) Well, note taking can help with that too. Gives you something to do with your hands.
  • Self-directed education, outside/personal projects, anything that reminds you are good and builds/maintains confidence
    • People attending and organizing CareerCamp always tell me how much of a confidence builder it was. Taking active action helps
    • They are in control of everything for one day or week when everything else might feel out of their control. Gives them energy
  • For me, action itself, any action, is always the most positive mode of operation. Do something, anything to get you moving
  • We always underestimate the importance of our own knowledge and skills. We have much to share with others, every day. Do it!
  • (Interview as performance) I always have believed my degree and experience in the theater has served me greatly in my career.
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