Quora Answer: How do you cope with daily fear of unemployment?

How do you cope with daily fear of unemployment?

When working as an “at will” employee with no contract, there is a constant level of uncertainty and stress that any day could be your last day.

My answer…

One method is to do everything you can, every day, to prepare for the eventuality of being unemployed. Then, forget about it.

Worrying about being unemployed can be as bad as actually being unemployed. Making preparations can go a long way towards easing your worries and providing “peace of mind” regardless of what might happen in your career.

It happens to everyone on occasion so you won’t be wasting time or money to prepare today. Put money aside. Reduce your debt or keep it as low as possible. Learn how to live frugally, yet happily.

Many of the things we “want” in life aren’t really needs. Confusing the two can lead to much trouble. Find what makes you happiest and you will be focusing more on the “needs” side of that equation.

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