Career-Op Gift Guide # 1: Linchpin by Seth Godin

# 1 Linchpin by Seth Godin

If you have friends or family looking to start or build their career, any of Seth Godin’s books would be a great gift idea. Seth always has a new take on the work world, whether talking about traditional careers or entrepreneurship, HIs latest book, Linchpin, reinforces many concepts that I have found true in my career travels over the last 25 years.

Each of us needs to find a job and career that is not just work, but a form of art. When we find a way to make our work our art we can achieve so much more. It can be difficult, yes, but oh so much more rewarding than being just another cog in the big corporate machine.

Linchpin ties in directly with the concept I promote here on Career Opportunities – Helping to Build the Career You Deserve! Linchpin can help you realize you deserve a great career and give you some ideas on how to recognize it once you have found it!

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