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Elsewhere Online: 10 Absolute “Nos!” for Freelancers

July 9th, 2008

An excellent article from Wake Up Later. I agree with nearly everything they say here. In some cases, I have established the same policies, too. If you are a freelancer, or thinking of becoming one, these are some great guidelines.

When I first started freelancing as a college student, I was eager to do any website and would say “Yes” to anything, regardless of my skill set or the time involved. It was just nice to know that someone needed me for a skilled task. Unfortunately, I quickly found myself working all the time, eating Ramen noodles, and not getting anywhere in terms of paying off my wonderful college debt. To make things worse, these people were also giving my contact info out to other such people (you know, the lady who has been thinking about selling dog sweaters online and has a $100 budget for an e-commerce site, 1000 brochures, and a guaranteed #1 Google search result for the words “dog”, “sweater”, and “love”).

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