Elsewhere Online: Career Change from the Inside Out

I will definitely be checking out both of these books in the near future. I mentioned Johnny Bunko a couple of weeks ago and linked to the “trailer” for the book, but I haven’t yet acquired it.

From the description of the books, they fit right into the Career Opportunities philosophy of career, where you focus on what is best for you.

Career Change from the Inside Out

Pamela Skilling’s Escape from Corporate America and Daniel H. Pink’s The Adventures of Johnny Bunko

I just read something scary on Twitter. Jonathan Fields – entrepreneur extraordinaire (I interviewed him on Lifehack Live) – posted about a conversation he’d had with a friend who “didn’t get how I could live w/ ‘stress’ of being entrepreneur and not having someone else pay me.”

It’s true: there are people in the world who will take an amazing amount of crap – layoffs, verbal abuse, boredom, office politics, and more – in exchange for the perceived security of having someone else write them a check every week.

This isn’t a post about becoming an entrepreneur, it’s a post about doing something to deal with a job that drags you down. More specifically, it’s a post about two inspiring books I’ve recently read, both of which take on the subject of career change in interesting, creative, and very different ways.

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