Archive: A Doing Day – November 5, 2004

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Over the past several weeks I have been writing a lot about thinking…thinking about your purpose, your future and your goals. While thinking is certainly important, all of your good ideas might just go to waste if you don’t combine that thinking with a little bit of doing. Your thinking has probably generated a host of to-do items and ideas for larger projects. Now is the time put some of those ideas into motion.

Get something done

While I normally try to include some implementation time into every workday, sometimes I need to schedule a “Doing Day.” This is a day totally dedicated to implementation. Perhaps you need to add or update pages on your web site or create a proposal for a new product. It can be something as simple as getting your new printer installed or something as complicated as launching a new ad campaign. If you are like me, you probably have many items, tasks, to-dos that need to be addressed. Collect all of your notes (You have been keeping notes, haven’t you?) and put together a list of all the things, big and little, that you need to move forward or, even better, complete.

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