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Douglas E. Welch on “The Struggling Entrepreneur”

December 8th, 2007

Frank Castaneda had me on his show, The Struggling Entrepreneur, this week. We talk about working as an independent in high-tech, writing and new media.

The Struggling Entrepreneur artworkStruggling Entrepreneur
15- Doug Welch- From Writer to High Tech to New Media Entrepreneu

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In this episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur, we have an interview with Douglas Welch. I had the opportuntity to meet him in person at the Podcamp Arizona unconference in November, 2007. Doug is a high-tech consultant and recent New Media Entrepreneur. Coming from a corporate IT environment and also being a writer, Doug shares with us his road to becoming a successful entrepreneur. As a family man, he does this in concert with his wife and her career, as well. What is interesting are 2 areas that are mentioned in this 40-minute interview:

1. The need for the entrepreneur to be aware of the obstacles with affordable health care; and

2. How being a successful entrepreneur can enrich your personal and family life by “buying yourself time” for a quality life.

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