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Video Rewind for February 2015: What did you miss? – 14 videos

March 2nd, 2015 Comments off

Here is a playlist of all the videos I produced in February 2015. You can find all my past videos on my YouTube Channel. If you enjoy a video, please click the Like button or Subscribe to the YouTube Channel. Doing that directly effects how many other people see my videos.

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Video: Transition as the New Normal with Douglas E. Welch at OPEN Ventura County from the Career Opportunities Podcast (47 min)

March 2nd, 2015 Comments off

I have several areas of interest and this month is shaping up to be very active on the career front. Two speaking engagements down and 3 more to scheduled. If you don’t subscribe to my Career Opportunities Podcast, here is a sample of what I have been up to over there. — Douglas

Douglas E. Welch presents “Transition as the New Normal” to OPEN (Outstanding Professionals Employment Network) Ventura County in Simi Valley, CA on February 27 2015.

OPEN Facebook Page

Also mentioned in this talk is “Career Compass: Finding Your Career North”, an Amazon Kindle booklet

Douglas E. Welch presents Transition as the New Normal

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Elsewhere on — Video: New Media 101: Capturing the Content You Already Have

September 4th, 2014 Comments off

Part of the New Media 101/Blogging 101 series…

A quick clip from this 45 minute presentation — The Why, What and How of Blogging.

Watch the entire presentation



A lot of the pushback I get on blogging from people is “It’s too much work. I can’t add all that work. Oh my god, I’ve got to update every day. I can’t do that. That’s too much extra work” And I tell them, it isn’t extra work. Your goal is to simply capture what you are already doing. The fact is, each and every one of us creates content every single hour of every single day. The trouble is, for most of that content, we throw it away. We don’t capture it. We dont’ sit down and write a 4, 5 sentence paragraph of “Wow. I had this problem and this is how I solved it” — and post that to the blog. It just evaporates. This is why people think, “Oh gosh, it’s so much extra work. I have to sit down and look at the blank page and write.” Which is probably secondary to standing up in front of people as one of the biggest fears that a lot of people have. “What do you mean I’ve go to write? I’ve got to write a paragraph. Oh my god, I can’t do that.” The fact is you’re already doing it. What you need to do is capture it. And that means, capturing a 4 to 5 to 6 sentence paragraph of how you solved a particular problem you were faced with today. How you addressed a particular issue for a client.


Previously on New Media 101/Blogging 101:

More information on Douglas E. Welch and Careers in New Media:

Video Rewind for August 2014 – Watch what you missed!

September 1st, 2014 Comments off

Video Rewind is a monthly review and playlist of all my videos for the previous month. Select a specific video from the Playlist in the upper left hand corner or press the Play button to watch them all.

Video Rewind for August 2013 - Watch what you missed!

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Also on New Media 101 Video Series from Careers in New Media

July 3rd, 2014 Comments off

A blogging presentation and Q&A – Get your questions answered! – End of the Day for March 17, 2014

March 17th, 2014 Comments off

End of the day Logo

Since I have been blogging for quite a while now, I have my processes, my systems and my motivation to keep writing and blogging. Quite a few of my friends have commented on how much content I output — both my own writing and the items I share — and wonder aloud just how I do it. Well, tomorrow night in Tarzana, CA there this is a chance for you to learn just how I do what I do, along with why I do it.

I’ve been asked by the San Fernando Valley WordPress Group to give a presentation and Q&A on “Content Creation and Professional Blogging” tomorrow, Tuesday, March 18, 2014 at 7pm. The event is located at  Tarzana Recreation Center, 5655 Vanalden Ave, . Tarzana, CA (map).

In this presentation, I’ll be talking about why I started blogging, how I find topics and create original content, as well as where I find all the neat information I share each day. I’ll answer any questions you have, so join us and let’s talk blogging for a short while.

You can RSVP for this event on the San Fernando Valley WordPress Group Meetup Page!

Previously on End of the Day:

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Event: Douglas speaking on Content Creation, Professional Blogging and the Eco-Sphere of WordPress – Tuesday, March 18, 2014, Tarzana, CA

March 3rd, 2014 Comments off

I’ll be speaking on Content Creation and Blogging at the next San Fernando Valley WordPress Meetup. Come and join me and Glen Bennett, who will be speaking on “The Ecosystem of WordPress” and how it can work for you.

Sfvwg dewelch

Event: Content Creation, Professional Blogging and the Eco-Sphere of WordPress

Date: Tuesday, March 18, 2014 7:00 PM

Location: Tarzana Recreation Center, 5655 Vanalden Ave, . Tarzana, CA (map)



Creating content is an ongoing demand for any website, in particular a WordPress site. Yet doing so, keeping it fresh and keeping it consistent can be a tough challenge.

We have a professional blogger, Douglas Welch, with over 10 years of writing experience that will be sharing his work flow and many years of accumulated “how to” information. With plenty of opportunity to ask questions and interact we hope that this will provide just the knowledge and inspiration to make your WordPress site sing.

Then we will have a presentation from Glenn Bennett on the ecosystem of WordPress, bet you didn’t know that they had one! An ecosystem is a community of living and non-living things that work together. In the WordPress world there is a vast network of resources to be tapped and to link into. Find out more about what exists and how to use this ecosystem to really take of with your own WordPress site(s).

Bring your blogging questions! I always make a point of allowing plenty of time for Q&A every time I speak, so this is your chance to get your most burning blogging questions answered.

Sitting around talking — and making the world a better place, I hope — End of the Day for February 18, 2014

February 18th, 2014 Comments off

End of the day LogoI spent my lunch time today speaking to the career group, Tuesdays with Transitioners in Northridge, California. I speak to this group nearly every year and sometimes twice and it is always a great experience. I have been writing about careers since 1997 and, as the sub-title of my Career Opportunities column and podcast reads, I am focused on “Helping to Build the Career You Deserve.” I love being able to share my own career experiences, thoughts and advice and I hope that others find it useful. From the comment I have received in the past, this seems to be the case.

Today’s talk was on “A Year of Opportunity” and is based on one of my columns from January of this year. I always choose a theme word or phrase for each year and Opportunity was that word. The best part of speaking on a topic I have written about is that I given time to expand on my thoughts and also — most importantly — engage in a conversation with the attendees. I consider Q&A to be a large part of any presentation I give for a variety of reasons. First, Q&A assures that the attendees most burning questions get answered. Sure, I can go on talking for hours, but if I don’t address the issues foremost in their minds, what good have I really done? Second, Q&A let me think even more deeply about my topic and it never fails to evoke new thoughts, new ideas and new emotions about the topic. I find that I typically have my best ideas when I am talking with others, and speaking engagements are a great place to have a conversation.

Twitht thumb

Douglas speaking at Tuesdays with Transitioners and, even more importantly, engaging in a great conversation

Speaking is so useful to me in my work and general creativity that I try to speak as often as I can, as many places as possible on as many topics as possible. These talks force me to collect and corral my thoughts, create effective ways of presenting those thoughts and even generate new thoughts as part of the bargain. For me, it matters little if I am speaking at Tuesdays with Transitioners, being interviewed for the Bigg Success podcast or a UCLA Extension class, or as part of a big conference like DevLearn. Each opportunity allows me to reach out others and, hopefully, make their life and work just a little bit easier.  This, in turn, energizes my own work and life. A win-win situation for everyone.

You can see some examples of my previous talks using the links above. Today’s talk will be available on the Career Opportunities web site in audio and video in a few days, too. If you think one of my presentations might be useful for your students, staff or organization, get in touch. I’d love the chance to share my knowledge with your and yours.

For a list of my speaking credits — and audio and video —  you can visit the Speaking Page on Careers in New Media or my LinkedIn Profile.


Previously on End of the Day:

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Audio: Douglas appears on the Bigg Success Podcast: Creating Video Content: Overcoming Objections

February 5th, 2014 Comments off

I sat down with George and Mary-Lynn over at Bigg Success recently and we talked about Overcoming business owners objections to creating video content.

Bigg newlogo

Video Content Douglas E Welch

Video content has become an important tool for reaching a wider audience, yet most professionals and small business people don’t use this form of media. Today, we’ll take on some of the biggest objections for not doing it with new media guru, Douglas Welch.

A complete transcript is available on the Bigg Success web site and you can listen to the podcast using the audio player below.


Listen to Bigg Success: Creating Video Content: Overcoming Objections

There is a lot of great content over on Bigg Success, so be sure to check out their site.

Speaking: Douglas speaks on “A Year of Opportunity” at Tuesdays with Transitioners, February 18 @ 12 Noon, Northridge, CA

January 22nd, 2014 Comments off

Dew 2013

I’ll be speaking to one of my favorite groups, Tuesdays with Transitioners on “A Year of Opportunity”, a topic based on my recent Career Opportunities column of the same name.

When: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 – 12 Noon – 2 pm [RSVP here

Where: Tuesdays with Transitioners, Congregational Church of Northridge, 9659 Balboa Boulevard, Northridge, CA [Map]


Year opportunity

A Year of Opportunity

Every year Douglas E. Welch selects a theme for his long-running column and podcast, Career Opportunities. This year, Douglas believes it is “A Year of Opportunity”

Building a successful career in 2014 requires that we focus on 3 things this year, including:

  1. Attracting Opportunity
  2. Recognizing Opportunity
  3. Accepting Opportunity

Attracting opportunity to you begins with telling my those around you “what you do and how well you do it.” This can take many forms, but in today’s world it usually starts with social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. If you develop good connections, share great information and generally help those connected to you, you can’t help but attract opportunity to you.

Thomas Edison is quoted as saying “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” This is still true today. Work that expands our lives and careers should be sought out and embraced, even if there is a bit of hard work involved. In fact, most opportunities worth pursuing require hard work of some sort. Life doesn’t often give you gold simply for being you. You need to share your knowledge and show your worth and this often means some long hours, if not actual physical labor. In fact, if you don’t feel that a project is worth putting in a good deal of hard work, it is very possible that the project isn’t important enough for you to pursue. You may need to look for another opportunity that you love enough to commit to it completely — hard work and all.

Finally, you will need to accept the opportunities that come your way, even if they seem a little wild, a little challenging and even a little frightening. Remember, fear is a great indicator of projects and opportunities that we need to investigate further. It shows that there is a challenge there, a stretching of our thoughts and abilities in new and different ways. An open door can be scary, but it can also lead to a new, better, greater, more exciting, more fulfilling life and career than you can even imagine.

Douglas E. Welch is writer and host of Career Opportunities, a long running column and podcast dedicated to “Helping to Build the Career You Deserve!” Career Opportunities began in 1997 as a magazine column and expanded to a podcast in 2004. Douglas is also a New Media Consultant, Technology and Career Consultant with over 30 years experience in high-tech. You can find all of Douglas’ work at