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Changes in the office – End of the Day for January 17, 2014

January 17th, 2014 Comments off

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(Music: “Vibe Ace” by Kevin MacLeod,, Under Creative Commons License)

Change can feel really, really, really weird sometimes, even when it is something relatively small. I spent most of my day dismantling my main computer and desk and rearranging my home office so that workers can come tomorrow and install new windows in this part of the house. This desk and the computers on it, probably haven’t moved in over 15 years. Sure computers and equipment have come and gone, but everything has stayed pretty much the same over the years. It is amazing how freaky it can feel to tear my system apart, piece by piece (and there are a lot of pieces.) I had to mark the parts so that I could match up power supplies, cables and such once I put it back together.

Staring at empty desktop felt very disconcerting, although I am not sure I could tell you exactly why. It is such a small thing, but it felt a bit like my world was being turned upside down. The change in physical appearance was one thing, but then I had to think about how I was going to accomplish my usual work — along with this column — when my main computer was sitting in a box in the corner. It was a feeling like forgetting your phone or being alone in a foreign country where you don’t speak much of the language. Things just feel “off”. Maybe I am just more sensitive to this, as I am typically more sensitive about all things, but I am sure you can understand what I am talking about. Perhaps it is the fact that I spend so much time here in my home office these days. This is where I both live and work, so it means more to me that it might otherwise.

Of course, tomorrow, the windows will be torn out and then replaced with new units and everything will be much nicer. We are probably finally going to pull up the old carpet, too, and live with the cement floor and rugs for a while until we decide what to put down in its place. . I also plan on upgrading my power and cable management and I will be sharing my desk now with my 16-year-old son, which is a big change in itself. His new gaming PC will sit to my right and a new charging station for all our mobile equipment will take over the corner unit of the L-shaped desk. This is all change, but there is an energy and desire in change, too It will all work out for best in the end, you jut have to get through the rough stuff before it gets better.

You will probably be able to hear me muttering to myself for the next few days — change is good, change is good, change is good.

How do you feel about change? How does change make you feel? What changes do you really want or need to make? Sometimes it can take a little outside force to get moving. Don’t ignore it when it arrives. Tell me about your challenges with change in the comments, via email or via social media.

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It’s an education thing! – End of the Day for January 15, 2014

January 15th, 2014 Comments off

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I was having a talk with my friends George and Mary-Lynn over at today — an interview actually for their podcast and the concept of “education” arose in our discussion. (Look for this interview on their site sometime in the next 2 weeks.) The truth is, it took me a long time to discover it, but everything I do — in my writing, my career, my blogging, my speaking, everything — has a deep, deep underpinning of education. I am always teaching something — and learning, too — nearly every moment of every day  .

Bigg newlogo

If a non-religious person, like myself,  can be said to have a “calling” or a “ministry” then education is my religion. I find nothing so important or so exciting as education. We all need to share whatever we know with others and learn all we can from them. Education — in both directions — is one way we can make the world a better place. I may not teach in a classroom, but I am an educator all the same.

Education is an important factor in my online life, too. While I write my blogs, record my podcasts, produce my YouTube videos, I also share lots of other information from lots of others sources. For me, this sharing of other’s content  is just as important as the content I create myself. When something interests me, I can’t NOT pass it on to other who might find it useful. Keeping this content to myself doesn’t seem right or fair or in anyone’s best interest. I don’t worry about giving attention to others because I don’t see the world as a “zero sum game” where if other’s win (or gain attention), I lose. I am constantly looking for opportunities where  both, if not everyone, can win.

In my Career Opportunities podcast, I started the year with a column entitled “A Year of Opportunity.” This is the theme for 2014 and one great way of attracting Opportunity to you is by sharing what you know, educating others and sharing the great resources you find. Providing value to other people is one of the kindest and most productive actions you can take in your life and career. Providing value also helps others keep you in mind when they have opportunities for you. Don’t ignore how people’s positive experiences with you can lead to greater opportunities in the future.

I hope you learn from me, my blogs, my videos and everything that I do. I look to learn from you, too. Let me know what you would like to learn. If I can’t teach you myself, I will find resources to help you learn from others.

Share what you know, learn from everyone and make the world a better place every day!


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Career Opportunities Podcasts for 2013 – A complete list with links

January 1st, 2014 Comments off

Career op logo 2012 med Dew 2013

Did you miss any of my Career Opportunities Podcasts in 2013? Here is a complete list of both new and archive podcasts published this year. A list of my most popular blog posts will be coming out in just a short while. 

Thanks for a great 2013! Looking towards and amazing 2014!

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Video: 2011 Live Reading of A Christmas Carol

December 23rd, 2013 Comments off

Video: On Books: Doctor Who and Race with Dr. Rosanne Welch

August 15th, 2013 Comments off

Audio: On Books: Doctor Who and Race with Dr. Rosanne Welch

August 15th, 2013 Comments off

Audio: Lifehack 1 – Finding cool new books to read via your library’s sorting shelves

August 8th, 2013 Comments off

Lifehack 01


Listen to this podcast

Want a great way to find cool books to read? Visit your local library. That’s right, your library. Then locate the “Sorting Shelves.” Ask the librarian, if you can’t find themselves. Sorting shelves contain books which have recently been returned by other patrons and are being sorted by subject, so they can be reshelved in their proper locations.

You are almost sure to find something interesting here via pure serendipity. It only makes sense that those books which have circulated recently might be of interest to you, too. These shelves will be a great mixture of every genre, from cookbooks to philosophy, as well a collection of both new books and old.

Next time you are looking for something interesting to read, check out the sorting shelves at your local library. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Music: “Mining by Moonlight”, Kevin MacLeod,, Creative Commons License

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Join the Dog Days of Podcasting – 30 Day Podcasting Challenge – Starts July 30th, 2013

July 21st, 2013 Comments off

Fellow Friends in Tech member, Kreg Steppe started the first Dog Days of Podcasting Challenge in 2012, as a way to kickstart his own podcasting efforts. I missed that announcement, but I am jumping on board for this years challenge and you should too! What a great way to try out new styles, new shows, new ideas and generally get your podcasting feet moving!

Join the Dog Days of Podcasting Challenge!

From the Dog Days of Podcasting web site…

What is the Dog Days of Podcasting?

Essentially, it is a challenge to do a podcast for 30 days in a row.

In 2012 Kreg Steppe was looking to give himself a little push in regards to recording his own personal podcast since he wasn’t recording it very often. That turned into a challenge for himself to record a show everyday for 30 days believing that after 30 days it would turn into a habit. Once it was mentioned to Chuck Tomasi he took the challenge too and they decided it would be a great idea to record starting 30 days before Dragon*Con, culminating with the last episode where they would record it together when they saw each other there.

Turns out there were some of our friends that also wanted to get in on the action and took the challenge too. So it grew into a challenge 7 of us took.

This year we are inviting more podcasters to get in on the action. Keep in mind, it’s a fun challenge, and you will not be shamed (too much) if you don’t record every 30 day. It is kind of like the way Drew Carey describes “Whose line is it anyway?”. A fun game were we earn points, but the points don’t matter.

What matters is that we all have fun recording and listening to each other.

Start Date: July 30th, 2013 End Date: August 30th, 2013 Rules: Podcast Once a day for 30 days. Show length is up to you. Most vary from 3 – 5 Min.I’ll be posting my daily shows here during the challenge, but I will also be including my usual podcast selection as part of the 30 days, so you should see podcasts on careers, new media, gardening, technology and more!

Valentine’s Day #2: Reaching Across the Distance – Love Letters for Valentine’s Day

February 13th, 2013 Comments off

Valentine’s Day is less than 24 hours away! What are you doing to celebrate? For me, it’s my birthday, so I have an odd relationship with the holiday, but that doesn’t mean I can’t engage in a little Valentine’s Day celebration.

Over the next 12 hours I be posting info to help make your Valentine’s Day extra special. Join me and share the love with those who need a little bit more!

Valentine’s Day #2: Reaching Across the Distance – Love Letters for Valentine’s Day
Curl up with your sweetheart and listen to this live recording of love letters from history.

A recording of the live show from February 12, 2012…

Wedding buffet catering gold
Reaching Across the Distance –
Love Letters for Valentine’s Day
A Live look at Love Letters and Poems Through History
– Reaching Across the Distance
Presented by

Love letters can reveal the true personality of the individual that puts pen to paper.

Love letters can bridge time and place. And they come in many different forms.

Sometimes a love letter offers the love of a friend and reaches across desolation to bring the recipient back to the world of the hopeful.

Sometimes the loss a letter conveys is unexpected. A few words can bring the reality of home across an ocean to a distant battlefield.

The love can be written between the lines. Some love letters are the trumpets that herald the return of their author.

These letters leap across time and miles to escort in the future.

Do something different this Valentine’s Day, reach across the distance  with a love letter written in your hand, speaking your words.

Previously for Valentine’s Day…

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Another year of the Career Opportunities podcast begins! – A Year of Self Preservation

January 9th, 2013 Comments off

The calendar year has cycled around again and so does the Career Opportunities podcast. While I celebrate the official anniversary of the podcast each September 24th, it seems appropriate to highlight the first episode of the 2013 Season. I am in my 8th year of this podcast show and column and look forward to another year of “Helping to Build the Career You Deserve!” — Douglas

Career Opportuntiies Logo 2012

As I have done for the past several years, 2013 starts with a word or phrase that I will focus on throughout the year. It is always my hope that you will find this focus just as useful. For 2013, I am declaring A Year of Self Preservation. A year of taking care of yourself so that you can help take care of others.


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When we had our son nearly 15 years ago, our pediatrician passed on an important piece of advice — one that I share with almost everyone I meet at some point. “Rested Parents are Good Parents!” It is so easy, as a new parent to dedicate yourself so completely to your child that everything else in your life suffers. Your sleep suffers, of course, but also your relationship with your spouse and family, your relationship with friends and even your relationship with yourself. Your work and career can suffer, as well.

We took his advice to heart as much as possible. We slept when the baby slept. We found babysitters and family members who could give us a night out every so often. We actively thought about — and engaged in — self preservation. We knew that if we allowed ourselves to become too tired (both mentally and physically) we wouldn’t be the type of parents we wanted to be.

Fast forward to 15 years later and I find myself offering this “rule” of self preservation for a host of new reasons. I meet people who have been unemployed for months or years. I have friends who are acting as caregivers to elderly or extremely ill family members. I have fellow parents who are making their way through the teenage years with all the stress and confilct that can generate. To all of them I whisper “self preservation” in their ears as often as I can.

It is my belief that you can only truly help others when you are in a good position yourself. This good position might be monetary. It might be a good mental position. It might be the position of having available time. Whatever your particular situation, you must look to your own stability first before you can truly help others.

This isn’t a call to selfishness, though. I am not telling you to ignore others and their calls for help. Rather, I am asking you think about your own self preservation and not sacrifice your own stability, your own income, your own happiness to help others. If you do, you will soon find yourself in the same situation as those you are trying to help. You will quickly expend all your good intentions, most of your income and disturb your stability if you don’t think deeply about your own situation first.

Of course, this self preservation will mean that sometimes you have to say, “No.” There will be times you can’t help. People you can’t help. Actions you cannot take. This is simply the nature of life. Be aware though, if you try to help everyone at everything, all the time, you will quickly find yourself unable to assist anyone. You will use up all your energy and leave everyone worse off than when they started.

I urge you, in 2013, to think carefully about your own self preservation when asked to become involved with any endeavor. Here are a few questions to ask yourself on each occasion.

  • Do you have the time, skills, energy, money to help at this time?
  • Are there others who can help share the work? Will you be able to take breaks, when needed?
  • Will this activity take away from your own projects, work, happiness at this particular time?
  • Will this activity have a deep positive impact on both you and the recipient of your help?
  • Will this activity eventually no longer be needed or will it continue for the foreseeable future?

If you want to truly help others, you need to practice active self preservation. You need to take care of yourself first, so that you have the energy, time and income to help others. To do otherwise is dangerous to your own stability and well-being. This isn’t selfishness in any way. By thinking about self preservation, you are helping to insure that you will be there when people need help rather than being in need of help yourself.


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