For the weekend…from Douglas E. Welch – Issue 3: December 17, 2021

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from Douglas E. Welch

Issue 3: December 17, 2021

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Christmas Eve and a COVID Test

In the last 2 years, I haven’t had any reason to feel sick. I tend to get at least once “cold” a year along with my typical allergies, but due to being isolated about 95% of the time and extremely careful (some would say, paranoid) when I do go out, that shouldn’t be much of surprise.

Until this week.

A few days ago I started feeling signs of a scratchy throat, more sinus congestion, and even a bit of earache. Blah.

Just a cold

In most years, I would have simply written it off as a cold, taken some NyQuil, and slept it off. Now, though, especially since I am vaccinated and boosted, I wondered if these cold symptoms might be COVID finally catching up with me?!?!?

Back in December 2020, I was really sick, including loss of taste and smell, for a week or more, and this was giving me severe deja vu. Not again!

Thankfully, the test results have come back negative and I (and the family) can breathe a sigh of relief for now.

Still, it is a great reminder that we all still need to take every precaution we can to avoid catching COVID…AND…go get a test immediately if anything feels off. I am totally DONE with COVID, but it is not nearly done with us…yet.

Into the New Year

So, now I head into Christmas Eve with a clear head and while perhaps visions of sugarplums are not foremost in my mind, I will certainly “settle myself for a long winter’s nap” on every occasion.

I am already gearing up some new projects for the new year, including this newsletter, more products (See my shop), and more photography. I hope you can take some time these next 2 weeks to do some creative thinking about what you want to accomplish in 2022. I am holding out hope for a better, safer, fairer, year with more gardening, photos, TikToks, and “liberty and justice for all.” A lot is already on the calendar and starting things off right is always the best way to build the best new year ever.

What projects are you lining up for 2022?

Share them on the blog or any other of my social media accounts!

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