Historical Cooking Books – 74 in a series – Modern domestic cookery, and useful receipt book (1826)

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Historical Cooking Books – 74 in a series – Modern domestic cookery, and useful receipt book : containing approved directions for purchasing, preserving and cooking meat, fish, poultry, game, &c. The art of trussing and carving: preparing soups, gravies, sauces, and made dishes, potting, pickling, &c. The branches of pastry and confectionary; a complete family physician; instructions to servants for the best methods of performing their various duties. The art of making British wines, brewing, baking, &c.

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Modern Domestic Cookery Plate

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Exclusive of the necessity of such knowledge, it is surprising, how much such a woman, possessed of it, may save in the yearly expenditure of her family, which, in the present difficult times, is an object of material importance to all persons of moderate incomes, for whom this book is peculiarly adapted, combining economy and gentility in its receipts and directions.

That this volume may be answerable to the aim of the author, by removing many of the difficulties generally experienced, is her sincere wish.

E. H.

Publication date 1826
TopicsCooking, English
Publisher London : printed for Dean & Munday
Collection leedsuniversitylibraryukmhlmedicalheritagelibraryeuropeanlibraries
Digitizing sponsor Jisc and Wellcome Library
Contributor University of Leeds Library
Language English

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