Historical Cooking Books – 72 in a series – The people’s home recipe book (1920) by Alice Gitchell Kirk

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Historical Cooking Books – 72 in a series – The people’s home recipe book (1920) by Alice Gitchell Kirk

Historical Cooking Books - 72 in a series - The people's home recipe book (1920) by Alice Gitchell Kirk

Historical Cooking Books - 72 in a series - The people's home recipe book (1920) by Alice Gitchell Kirk

Historical Cooking Books - 72 in a series - The people's home recipe book (1920) by Alice Gitchell Kirk

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Though the world is full of cook books of every description, yet it has been my experience that there are few of them that are more than a collection of recipes. There are few really good teachers of the science of cooking. For the past thirty years the author has been engaged in teaching of some kind, ranging from kindergarten work to assistant at Chicago University and from private teacher of cooking to Public Lecturer on Domestic Science. This training has not only given me a knowledge of the subjects in hand but has perhaps rendered me capable of imparting this knowledge to others in a way to be easily, understood by all.

Having managed a home of my own for twelve years and having lived in both the country and the city have probably given me a knowledge of the practical needs of the average home. Further than this, I am called upon reg- ularly each week by ‘phone to direct the culinary affairs of many Cleveland homes, thus giving me the practical experience which is lacking in so many teachers X)f Domestic Science. Furthermore, during the past five years I have delivered (and am still engaged in the lecture work) a series of over six hun- dred public lectures on cooking, a larger number than ever before delivered on this subject by any woman in one place. These things have brought me in direct contact with thousands of people of all classes, given me a knowledge of their needs and at the same time fitted me for imparting this knowledge to others in a practical way.

Having been principal of private schools and being at the present time a member of ” The Domestic Science and Art Association ” of Cleveland, and ” The American Home Economics Association ” of Chicago, and also State Secretary of ” The Associated Clubs of Domestic Science ” has brought me in contact with many of our ablest instructors in Domestic Science and aflforded me an excellent opportunity to get the best and most modern ideas relative to the science of cooking. These ideas I have endeavored to incorporate in this work, leaving out the technical things and making them practical for the home.

I believe in having system in the home and a business-like management of household affairs as is attested by the fact that I am author of ” Mrs. Kirk’s Card Index Cooking Recipes ” and also of ” Handy Expense Cards for House- keepers ” and ** Correct Combinations of Foods for Daily Use.”

I have given over two hundred of my choice recipes in this work and for these I have adopted the form used in my ” Card Index Recipes.” It will be noticed at a glance and without reading the recipe, one can tell just what materials are required and the quantities of each. One can also tell the utensils that are necessary and thus have everything in readiness before beginning the work. Then are given full and complete directions for ‘putting together and cooking the ingredients. These directions I have endeavored to make so simple and complete that the girls and the young housewives with no previous

experience can use these recipes and be certain of good results. Tr ougn the cook with many years of experience may become so skillful that she can “guess” at quantities and generally get good results, yet it is necessary for the inexperienced to observe absolute accuracy in following every instruction. In fact, the time has gone by for ” guessing ” at quantities. Use accuracy and you will never have failures for the same cause always gives the same results.

Preceding each chapter will be found the general principles underlying the science of cooking and I believe it will pay every woman to carefully study and follow these rules, for cooking is now as much of a science as is any other branch of knowledge, I believe that cooking and the management of house- hold affairs should be a pleasure rather than a drudgery. I believe that a knowledge of proper foods and the proper way of preparing them is one of the most important sciences, for our health and temperament, arid conse- quently our happiness and sue’cess in life, largely depend upon what we eat.

Though the two hundred recipes make dainty and attractive dishes, yet I have had due regard to economy and the ” Favorite Home Recipes for Every Day Use ” have been gathered from mothers living in all parts of the world. They are the dishes ” like mother used to make,” and I believe they will be found the most simple and practical collection of recipes for every day us’b that has ever been published.

It has been my object in this work, not only to give some of the gf^neral principles underlying the art of cooking, but also to give simple and practical recipes that can be used in every home in the country.



Publication date 1920
Topics Cookery, Americancbk
Publisher Cleveland, O., The R.C. Barnum Co
Collection cornellamericana
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Contributor Cornell University Library
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Language English

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