Historical Cooking Books – 44 in a series – The London art of cookery and housekeeper’s complete assistant by John Farley (1789)

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Historical Cooking Books – 44 in a series –  The London art of cookery and housekeeper’s complete assistant : on a new plan, made plain and easy to the understanding of every housekeeper, cook, and servant in the kingdom : containing proper directions for the choice of all kinds of provisions, instructions for trussing poultry, roasting and boiling all sorts of butchers meat, poultry, game, and fish, baking, broiling and frying sauces for every occasion, soups, broths, stews, and hashes, ragoos and fricassees, made dishes, both plain and elegant, all sorts of pies and puddings, pancakes and fritters, proper instructions for dressing fruits and vegetables, pickling, potting, and preserving, the preparation of hams, tongues, and bacon, to keep garden stuffs and fruits in perfection, the whole art of confectionary, the preparation of sugars, tarts, puffs, and pasties , cakes, custards, jams, and jellies, drying, candying, and preserving fruits, &c. elegant ornaments for entertainments, instructions for carving, necessary articles for sea-faring persons, made wines, cordial waters, and malt liquors : to which is added, an appendix, containing considerations on culinary poisons, directions for making broths, &c. for the sick, a list of things in season in the different months of the year, marketing tables, &c. &c. : embellished with a head of the author, and a bill of fare for every month in the year, elegantly engraved on thirteen copper-plates
by John Farley

by John Farley

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