What I’m Reading: Silver Like Dust – 35 in a series – “…hurled rocks at the windows of the train and hollered insults.”

“My grandmother watched as the Arizona desert raced by, its sand and rocks a blur at the window. She saw the landscape slowly shifting to where outcroppings of rock jutted up from the ground, sharp and red, imposing and towerlike. “I didn’t see as much of those states as you might think. Through some of the towns, they made us close the blinds,” Obaachan explains. On previous train trips, the residents of these towns, provoked by the sight of so many Japanese, had hurled rocks at the windows of the train and hollered insults. The officials decided it was best to avoid such outbursts by hiding the prisoners from the angry crowds outside.”

From  Silver Like Dust by Kimi Cunningham Grant

What I'm Reading: Those were hakujin beaches. Whites-only beaches.

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