What I’m Reading: Farewell to Manzanar – 31 in a series – “…on the first day back in public school,…”

“As for me, the shapeless dread of that great dark cloud in my imagination gradually receded, soothed away by a sky the same blue it had always been, lawns the same green, traffic signals that still changed with dependable regularity, and familiar radio programs to fill up the late afternoons and evenings: Jack Armstrong, Captain Midnight, The Whistler, I Love a Mystery. That dread was gone. But those premonitions proved correct, in a way I hadn’t been at all prepared for, on the first day back in public school, when the shape of what I truly had to deal with appeared to me for the first time.”

From Farwell to Manzanar by by Jeanne Wakatsuki Housto and James D. Houston

What I'm Reading: Farewell to Manzanar - 1 in a series -

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