What I’m Reading: Silver Like Dust – 33 in a series – “We still didn’t know where we were going,”

“Slowly, one by one, the group of five hundred got on the train. The old steps groaned as each person boarded. “We still didn’t know where we were going,” Obaachan reminds me. She shrugs. “I guess they figured we had no need to know. I mean by that point, where we were going was sort of irrelevant.” Had my grandmother and the rest of her fellow inmates known about Hitler’s camps, and the long train rides hauling unsuspecting prisoners to those camps—had they seen the eerie parallels between these early phases of their own internment and that of the European Jews—they might not have boarded that train with such composure.”

From  Silver Like Dust by Kimi Cunningham Grant

What I'm Reading: Those were hakujin beaches. Whites-only beaches.

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