The 100 Best Pens – Gel, Ballpoint, Rollerball, and More, 2018 via The Strategist

There is a geeky community for nearly everything in the world and pens — yes, pens for writing — is one of them. Sure you have the fountain pen collectors and users, but even the humble felt tip, rollerball and ball-points have their community. In this case, The Strategist has developed a method of rating pens of all types and quantifying how each measures up so you don’t have too.
Yes, I am a geek in many things and pens could be considered one of them.  I certainly have my preferences in pen and ink types I dislike ballpoints with a passion and look towards rollerball or fountain pens as my go-to writing instrument.
What’s your favorite writing instrument? Check out how it rates in the exhaustive list below!
At its most basic, a pen has to do just one thing, but there are so many reasons to choose one over another. Does it glide along the page, or does it drag? Does the ink flow in a smooth line, or is it unpredictable? Does the pen feel good or would note-taking cramp your hand? And how does it look? With so many varieties out there, from plastic ballpoints sold by the dozen to thousand-dollar fountain pens hunted down by collectors, we became determined to find the very best pens for everyday use.
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